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Inclusion, safety & wellbeing

Our Inclusion and Diversity Strategy

Our Vision:


To create an environment where everyone can thrive within a culture of inclusion; a culture that empowers and respects everyone.

Our Inclusion and Diversity Principles

We are committed to creating an inclusive environment where all our people can be themselves and have the opportunity to succeed.


Our Inclusion and Diversity Principles:

  1. Inclusion is the fundamental principle 
  2. Diversity is valued and difference is celebrated 
  3. Everyone has responsibility for Inclusion and Diversity
  4. Leaders role model inclusive behaviour and harness diversity
  5. We seek to understand first and demonstrate action in response
  6. Our actions are insight/data-led
  7. We actively involve people with a passion for the subject – not because of the group they ‘represent’
  8. We will focus on specific areas we know need the most support – not try to do everything

Safety & wellbeing

Our Safety Vision is everyone engages to be personally responsible and proud of our sustainably safe business.


Our Safety and Health Principles:

  • Nothing we do is worth getting hurt for
  • We care about the safety of everyone we work with
  • We’ll always challenge unsafe behaviour – whoever, whatever and whenever
  • Responsibility for safety starts with me – I’ll always look after myself as well as others

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